Simply Profitable

Financial and Money Mindset Courses for Successful Female Entrepreneurs


Why us?

 Do you feel overwhelmed by Business Finance?

 Do you feel like an imposter when it comes to Finance issues?

 Do you struggle to manage Finance in your Business?

 Are you a Manager who needs to understand Finance for their role?

 Do you want to understand what all the Finance jargon means?

 Are you looking to step up and need Finance skills in your new role?

 Not making as much as you wanted despite charging a high hourly rate?

Who are we?

  • We Make Finance Simple.
  • We enable Businesswomen to understand Business Finance to succeed. 
  • We believe that Businesswomen need to be confident in their basic financial knowledge to be successful.
  • We believe it’s important to understand the current financial position of our Business.
  • We improve Businesswomen’s confidence around Finance and basic financial concepts.
  • We support our members with access to our supportive Facebook community where they can ask any questions they don’t feel comfortable asking at work.
  • We offer trainings on various aspects of Finance including adjusting Mindset and Confidence. 

What’s in it for you?

Simply Profitable enables Businesswomen to:

 Easily understand finance and key financial concepts

 Become more confident in Finance

 Understand financial data in Business

 Improve business decisions on the back of key financial data

 Address the business’ current issues

 Evaluate potential options to grow the business

 Establish and implement a plan of action

 Create motivation to achieve financial goals

 Create a winning millionaire mindset

 Understand how to increase profits

 Plan for the future of the Business

In these current times, to succeed, we must focus on exactly what we want and need to achieve in order to get ahead of their competition.  

We Make Finance Simple for Businesswomen, help them establish how their Business is doing financial & support them to get to where they want to get to.

We work with them to establish a Winning Mindset which enables them to achieve their goals and improve the overall financial performance of their Business.


What do we do?



















This short course includes:


  1. How to identify your limiting beliefs around Finance and Wealth
  2. How to eliminate those beliefs
  3. How to set Financial Goals for Success
  4. How to create your Future Financial Success 

Wishing you Financial Success. x

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