Hi, I’m Nathalie

  • I’m am experienced chartered accountant with over 15 years of experience in the City including Auditing, Commercial Accounting and Mergers and Acquisitions, working with clients including FTSE 100’s, SME’s, Banks and Private Equity companies.
  • I left the City to follow my heart and went on to qualify as a trainer in NLP and have worked as a trainer in Higher Education for over five years.
  • During my career, I’ve worked with a wide range of individuals, corporations, partnerships and financial institutions. This unique skill set enables me to help you improve your confidence around and understanding of basic financial concepts. 
  • I’m a member of the Institute of Chartered accountants of Scotland (ICAS) and the Association of NLP (ANLP).

More about me

  • I founded Simply Profitable after realising how ofter Businesswomen lack Confidence and feel like Imposters when it comes to conversations about Finance.
  • I feel it’s really important to understand basic Financial concepts to be able to succeed in Business irrespective of whether your working for yourself or in an organisation.
  • Many businesswomen lack motivation and direction on dealing with Finance issues which are necessary to move Business forward.
  • My focus is to give my clients the tools to understand finance, use it successfully in their Business, instil a Winning Mindset and create motivating goals for my clients.
  • I’m been learning Neuro Linguitic Programming since 2007 and successfully completed my Trainers’ qualification in 2015.

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